Bible Reading Plan

Reading through the Bible in chronological order in a year is one of the best disciplines you can have.  Starting August 4, 2013 I will be reading through it again and blogging my journey with a different lesson each day.  I would love for you to read along with me and join in a conversation about what we read.

Download the Chronological Bible Reading Plan Here


  1. Darrell Stevens says:

    If you start the reading plan late, do you just shift the dates or start where you are now? I can see we wouldn’t get the benefit of your input if I start at the beginning.

    • Darrell,

      I think you could do either one. I would probably recommend simply shifting the dates because then you have the value of seeing the story of Scripture in its full form. I do have another reading plan that started on September 1st and cuts out Job and a few other things. By November 1st you’re back on track with the main plan. If you’d like a copy of that, I’m happy to send it to you. I think you’ll really appreciate reading things in chronological order; it has clarified a lot of stuff for me.

  2. I will probably use the shift the date plan. I know we can find your past comments. I didn’t take notice how far back they go.

  3. Okay, the reading plan is bookmarked on my iPad. I like a good reason to start at the beginning of the Pentateuch.

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