A Hidden Treasure? (Matthew 13; Luke 8)

“The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field.  When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.” (Matthew 13:44)

Jesus told a story of a man who found a treasure hidden in a field.  He realized the great value of what he had found, so he quickly gathered as much money as he could by selling his possessions, and he bought the land where the treasure was hidden.  And then Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven is similar to this.  In other words, the Kingdom of Heaven is of such great value that it would not be foolish to sell off all of your possessions in order to attain it.  The Kingdom of Heaven is of more value than you can possibly imagine, and if you fully understood its value, you would be willing to go to significant lengths for it.

Do you believe that?  I’m not sure I do.  I mean, I think I believe it intellectually, but I’m not sure that I allow myself to live like I believe it.  If I did, I wouldn’t be concerned about material possessions, the opinions of others, or the fear of sharing about Jesus.

If you hold entry into the Kingdom of Heaven, do you realize the treasure you possess?  Let the value of the treasure be a motivating force in your life to do all that God asks and desires of you.

Father, thank You for the great treasure we have in the Kingdom of Heaven.  Keep me from devaluing it by believing that it’s not as significant as it truly is.  Help me to be like the man in the parable who, after he realized the treasure, sold all of his possessions in order to attain it.  Let me, in a similar way, be willing to rid myself of all things for the sake of the Kingdom.

About Seth

Seth is a pastor, author, and speaker who lives in Batesville, Indiana. He is married to Kari, and they have two daughters, Madelyn and Noelle.

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