The origins of creativity, and the taste of forbidden fruit (Genesis 1-3)

I've just finished my first assigned reading for this journey through the Bible.  I can't help but think of the incredible creativity God exerted when He created the universe.  It's a level of creativity that none of us is able to comprehend.  I suppose it's similar to the way I make brownies and the way my mom makes brownies: her brownies come from raw ingredients, and my brownies come from a box.  The difference is that God didn't even start with the raw ingredients because even those, He made.

Have you ever wondered what type of tree the forbidden fruit came from?  I suppose in my imaginative ignorance I believed that the forbidden fruit was some kind of magical produce that exhibited special revelatory powers.  On reading the account this evening, however, I'm not sure that I still ascribe to that theory.  In reality, the tree could have been made of anything.  The reason why it was called the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is because of the result of the act of disobedience.  Up until their disobedience, Adam and Eve only knew good.  It was at the point of eating the fruit and rebelling against God that they learned evil.  It was also the time at which they decided that their will for their lives was better than God's will for their lives.  Unfortunately, many of us have bought into the same concept.  We bend the rules and make things work to our benefit with little regard to the consequences of the action.  One would think that after so many years we would have made progress.  Sadly, I find myself realizing that I, too, would choose the path that is now so clearly associated with the first two human beings: utter selfishness.

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